Neurotic Bystander

Shrinking in a corner,
Pressed against the wall,
Do they know i'm present,
Am i here at all?

Is there a Written rule book,
That tells you how to be-
All the right things to talk about-
That everybody has but me?

Slowly I am withering-
A flower deprived of sun;
Longing to belong to,
Somewhere or someone.
-Lang Leav,
The Wallflower



╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝╮
(     okay   ?   )
╰◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞╯

╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝╮ 
(     shut up    ) 
╰◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞╯

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You can tell a lot about a person by who who their favourite achievement hunter is

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"Ima need ur license and registration……and ur kik"

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Imagine your icon getting carried away by pigeons.

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